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Welcome to Maralal Safari Lodge and Wildlife Reserve,

the most historic Colonial Era safari lodges in Northern Kenya located in the unique Maralal National Sanctuary; the very heart of Samburu County, Kenya. Fully renovated in 2019. Owned and operated by Tulips Food Parlour Ltd.

Guests enjoy free high speed WIFI, a big screen television in the lounge with international news and sports channels, swimming and much more including a modern kitchen offering both local and international cuisine. Experience wildlife as you’ve never seen it before as the animals approach within a few meters of the cabins, monkeys clamber on the roofs and more.

Guests love opening their doors and seeing zebras, Eland and Impala grazing on the lawns, or hearing the Leopards and Hyenas laugh in the night. We offer 20 luxurious Swiss Chalet style rooms, each equipped with a fireplace and a private balcony. With our conference facilities too, we are the perfect choice for pleasure or business travellers who seek tranquility.

Just 3Kms down the road, is the seat of government for Samburu County. This bustling town of 20,000 people offers many local crafts and a variety of lively places for both modern and traditional nightlife. The lodge is built of cedar and stone. It sits on the hillside overlooking Maralal in the heart of the National Sanctuary, the wildlife reserve thrives as the animals roam freely from the forests on three sides to the lowlands to the south.

Five hundred square kilometers of lush woodland and pasture straddle the hillside, with Leopards and other mammals living in the natural caves. Within the lodge, the bar is, perhaps, the best stocked bar in northern Kenya, boasting no less than 15 famous malt whiskeys, 15 types of vodka and much more … Oh, and a full range of cold beers too. One of the most appealing aspects of Maralal Safari Lodge is that it’s a meeting point for the local people too.



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